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Simple validating contact form

would automatically be used to display a page titled “About Us.” It’s kinda handy!

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If people want to leave their phone number and address, they will do so in the message. You can handle displaying the form, human verification, validation, emailing the admin and thanking the reader for getting in touch all in one file. As per usual, I’m starting with a fresh Word Press installation.It relates immediately to the template file we made previously called This solution for creating a custom page template is not a catch-all, just a convention Word Press provides and I like.Hate is a very strong word, but these days most forms that boast contact forms are in competition with each other to create the best, most feature rich plugin. How many times have you gone to fill out a form, only to be daunted by the amount of personal data you have to put in? People even get halfway and are then distracted by something else.And it ends up looking like this Or even worse, this Really? People on the web have a very short attention span. These four small bits of information are as simple as commenting on a blog — why would you want to make getting in touch any more difficult?Grab a free copy of AJAX Captcha Validation demo from Github.I’m a massive fan of building stuff from the ground up.I think it would be preferable if I have set a reply-to email as a required field, to warn the user if their email is invalid. Should the code just be pasted into the “Begin variables to be written out by Rapid Weaver //” section at the end of the section? I think it’s a great and extremely necessary option to make the RW form viable.Please post the request in the feature requests - i think all RW users would appreciate that option.And perhaps even a “re-enter email” kind of validation.A recaptcha option would be also be appreciated, but maybe that’s asking too much.


  1. Add validations quickly to your form using this simple, easy to use, free form. textarea cols = "20" rows = "5" id = "Address" name = "Address" / textarea.

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