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Problem updating norton antivirus

They made a big jump in our update this year coming up from 12th place.

What holds them back from moving up to 1st or 2nd is the fact that they only offer support via email and the installation process is quite lengthy.

Bitdefender offers a Mac and PC version, both starting at .95 for one user for one year.

Kaspersky is making its way up in our ranking hitting our 2nd place spot for 2017.

Below you’ll find our 2017 top picks for Best Antivirus services based on a variety of factors ranging from price to features, needs, reliability and customer service.

Bitdefender is our 1st place winner for the best antivirus software program in 2017 and for the past five years running.

Since our antivirus comparison table is so large, we are placing it on a separate page so you can reference it more easily.

How can you prevent becoming a victim while saving your bank account and computer’s performance (some antivirus software are processing hogs! Check out our in-depth anti-virus and cyber security reviews (including recommendations for best antivirus programs for specific needs like gaming and fast run speed), pros and cons comparisons and our picks for the Top 3 winners for Best Antivirus Software provider.

Panda features the award-winning Collective Intelligence technology where all Panda Security users share threat information to provide real-time protection.

Panda strives on providing superior computer protection while having a minimal impact on your computer.

Do a quick Google search and you’ll see the rants going on and on about it.

Avast has impressive memory usage and during scans it flushes every 10 seconds which keeps its usage at a low-level.


  1. Norton is a leading name in the world of online security services providers. It offers a great selection of antivirus and other security solutions that offer high-end.

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