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Free hr chat

This will allow HR to reallocate resources to areas where they can provide more value. a staff member wanting to know the status of pending reimbursements or the tax-forms he needs to fill, can just provide the chat bot his employee ID and it will instantly respond to his query.

Eventually, instead of being seen as just a front-desk entity, HR chat bots embedded in HRIS systems will be seen as a very acceptable form of highly secure, self service-oriented, employee-delight platform of the future. Leave and Attendance: One of the sore spots for HR and employees equally, leave and attendance is a sensitive issue for an enterprise, because it’s more of a hygiene factor.

Multiple departments need to provide an NOC/ give approval before the employee’s Full and Final settlement is cleared.

The employee too may need to complete an exit process, including an exit interview, filling up the feedback form, surrendering office equipment etc.

AI-fueled HR bots combined with intelligent back-end systems can provide for a very powerful user engagement.

They can glide seamlessly over any existing communication system and can be a very simple way to get access to information without taking the ‘human interface’ route, while still retaining a human element via ‘conversational experience’.

These are just a few examples of how HR bots can bring about a sweeping change in the way humans use technology.

These chatbots are embedded in messaging apps and therefore do not even require a download for us to use them.

Because the platform has moved from a communication to a conversational interface, it allows for a greater compatibility with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools.

‘Chat bots’ or ‘Messenger-bots’ have been around for a surprisingly long time- the first one was coded way back in 1966- but it is only since last year that they burst on to the scene as the newest and the coolest rock-stars of the AI technology brigade.

Simply put, a chatbot is a software program that provides an automated, interactive interface by simulating the way humans have conversations.


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