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Dating monologues

They’re all: ( Coral, The Other Mermaid, is very frustrated with all the attention Ariel is getting and would like everyone to know there are other mermaids under the sea too. A little Puffer fish almost lost a scale last night. “Yo ho, yo ho, a doctor’s life for me.” ) Kind of wobbly though. I tried to swim over to the seaweed maze but the whales are all practicing their belly flops to see who can get the biggest splash. I’m helpful - “Look, crabs and lobsters have got to stop fighting.

( One sip of Starbuck's Cotton Candy Frappucino and a Starbucks addiction is born. I’ve tried everything to make people stop including sweetly reasoning: “Please don’t grab me. Presenting Coral, the OTHER Little Mermaid." "It’s not easy being me. But, the problem with being known as Little Red is every Tom, Dick and Harry Wolfe thinks he will be the one to finally capture me. Sadly, (shake head sadly) she has no fashion taste whatsoever. Let me take a picture for my Facebook page.” And then she started insisting that I wear it to school the next day. The entire class walking up to me and purring or rubbing my head as they called me kittycat. I stood there grimly awaiting my fate when my Grandmother turned to me and said “Wait! Drowning in desperation a delightfully determined student finds a way to save the day. What did I ever do to deserve to be assigned as The Angel of Mondays? Finally, don’t forget to stop at Scooterland where you can hop aboard and experience all the wonders of Suburbia. But some day I’m going to be the best goddess ever! If you're the only boy in the family, sometimes you have to adopt DRASTIC measures. 1.5 - 2 minutes, is also included in this purchase. 3 sisters, 4 aunts, 12 cousins, a mother and two grandmothers.


  1. Modern, contemporary and funny one act, ten minute, comedy mystery and short comedy play scripts for immediate download.

  2. Free and contemporary teen monologues by Tara Meddaugh. Performance and audition monologues showcase actors ranging in age from 12 years old and at the middle.

  3. Here's a list of Romance Monologues that showcase the good, bad and ugly side of relationships in all its ever loving glory! Running anywhere from 1-2 minutes long.

  4. We write fun, original comedy monologues for kids and teens who are looking to display talents and win school, community, tv, or professional auditions.

  5. Performed by J. Eric Cook from the solo, “funHouse”, The Public Theater, 1983, Jo Bonney, director.

  6. Thousands Monologues for Stage, Film & TV auditions. Original, Contemporary, Shakespeare for Women, Men, Teenagers and Kid Monologues in Comedy or Drama. Monologues.

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